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Greetings from Paris Restaurant!

Despite Covid-19, our restaurant starts to get some good traction, and we see happy, returning customers. Our wines are also popular. We will continue to add new features over the next few months, such as the back patio opening later in spring, and a wine cellar as well as selected spirits. In the meanwhile, our Spanish tasting menu on January 27 is almost fully booked, only two tables left. Contact us today to make a reservation. See the tasting menu here.

Read what our customers say about us.

Tried this spot for the first time today for dinner, after hearing it has opened just a few days ago. DELICIOUS food - the creamed parsnip soup was my favorite small plate. Also had the spreads and pita, the France beef and the Delicata dinner entrees. Great wines as well, tried two reds. Not to mention, friendly service and quick delivery of plates. Hands down favorite dinner restaurant in town now. -- Katie K. Northampton, PA. November 7.

Wonderful, unique menu made with Love, by people who care! Care about quality, Wholefoods, and health! Delicious and nutritious! Beet salad is a dish of love and a party for the taste buds!! See ya there! -- Cynthia S. North Hollywood, CA. January 5.

We were in Anacortes for a short weekend trip and this spot happened to have covered outdoor dining with heaters! We didn't know what to expect since it's such a new restaurant, but the food was incredible!!!! The service was also great. Definitely would recommend this spot. -- Molly A. Santa Barbara, CA. December 27.

OMG! Fabulous! We had a steak for 2 that included Parmesan French fries. I was the best steak my husband and I had ever had!! Then we had the gluten free chocolate cake for dessert. Another winner!! No pics cuz we devoured it! -- Denise T. Baton Rouge, LA. December 30.

Just ate the best tenderloin in my life! That is saying a lot considering I grew up on a beef farm. -- Dennis T. Anacortes, WA. December 30.

Omg.. we are so happy to have found this beautiful restaurant. They did a great job on setting up outdoor dining. The seafood is super fresh and delicious. Don’t forget to try the octopus and the cod croquettes. So delicious! Loved it. -- Juan Navas. January 23.

Wow! We ate there tonight. Their outside seating is actually cozy and inviting despite the near freezing temperatures. Service was excellent! I will say..the chowder! Honestly the best i have EVER had! Pizza was pretty darn good to but...the chowder! Great job to a restaurant that opened 6 months into a pandemic. You got this! We will be back. -- Lori Halverson. December 23.

We had great lunch. Very rich cassoulet I have not got many this good in Toulouse! I also recommend beet salad. French Burguers I overlooked seemed delicious, customers were saying great things. Fabulous selection of wines, very cozy terrace in times of covid, good service. -- Carlos Avello. Bellevue, WA. January 17.

Been wanting to try this place since they opened. Finally got around to it today. I was looking forward to bringing the Mrs here for a romantic dinner, but ya know Covid. So I settled today to try some lunch. I got the PBLT sandwich. It was amazing. A good blast of flavor that was evenly spread. Not too much not too little. And their home made ketchup with the fries, let’s call that a win. Customer service was great, inside environment was very pleasant. I can’t wait until these restrictions are lifted so me and the wife can go and splurge and try more items. 10/10 guys. Really good job. -- Matthew Partna. December 22.

Interesting concept for little Anacortes. This is a very hip, big town type of eatery, that would hold it's own competing for the swell diners of Metropolis. So, how was the grub? The cuisine was excellent, prepared in their spectacular open kitchen. As I watched, it was evident that there is an in house executive chef, that knows his stuff. I even observed as they prepared a large stock pot which more than likely is the source of their Demi glacé, which found it's way with the superb tenderloin I enjoyed. So, there are other choices in town of course, many less expensive, and sometimes uninspiring. I recommend Paris unconditionally. -- Lance Cross. December 22.

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